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LuxFi’s blog is a conversation hub for our community. Here we bring fresh content on topics such as Web3.0, E-Commerce, Metaverse, Fashion, Luxury, NFTs, and Blockchain Technology. You are free to explore our articles and discover for yourself how blockchain-based luxury marketplaces are changing global commerce.  

Crypto & NFTs

Acquiring luxury products and NFT just got a lot easier, now that major crypto assets are accepted as payment on LuxFi NFT Marketplace.

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LuxFi & Marketplace Features

Learn what makes our NFT Marketplace so special and discover new features including detailed price history and ownership tools, Membership Tiers & more.

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Blockchain, Metaverse & Web3

Read more about the Metaverse, Web3 E-commerce and the next generation of blockchain and NFT marketplaces.

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Our Weekly Backers & Partners

Find out more about who has partnered with and invested in LuxFi, what they’re building and what makes them such awesome partners.

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Authentication & Verification

Understand & apply the latest in product verification, supply chain management and anti-forgery tactics employed by LuxFi.

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Luxury, Fashion & Brands

Stroll through articles detailing the various categories of high-end luxury goods from brands you love, all available on our Marketplace.

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Latest From Our Blog

LuxFi’s blog offers a glimpse into how we approach luxury products and Web.3 e-commerce. We’ve compiled our top articles for you to browse and learn more about blockchain, NFTs, the Metaverse and more. 

Physical Asset NFT Marketplaces — At the intersection of global trade & commerce.

The immutable smart contracts of a non-fungible token (NFT) gives it the power to prove identity and ownership, doing so in a way which the world has never seen before.[…]

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Gucci to Begin Accepting Crypto as Payment In-Store

The move presents an expanding stance in Web3 for one of the world’s premier luxury brands It’s an exciting day when a major luxury brand announces that it will begin[…]

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Top 5 Fashion & Luxury Brands NFTs Collections We've Seen So Far

Top 5 Fashion & Luxury Brands NFTs Collections We’ve Seen So Far

Many global luxury and fashion brands are creating their own NFT collections. Investors are taking note. Here’s a look at the top 5 NFT collections released by the most prominent[…]

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