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Investing in the Metaverse is now easier than ever.

The Metaverse is expected to be an interactive, immersive, highly engaging experience where people interact virtually and where all orders of life can be emulated in 3D and are interoperable between different Web2 and Web3 protocols. The Metaverse is built around the vision of what decentralized blockchain networks are capable of crafting for the world.…
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The Missing Piece: How Blockchain Marketplaces are Redefining E-Commerce in Web3

Blockchain e-commerce is here to stay. So just how long will it be, until we see mass adoption and what part will decentralized marketplaces play in the Web3 future? For anyone paying attention this year, it is apparent that Web3 promises a new way to interact online, a way to manage one’s own content, giving…
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Are Brands Ready to Dive Into the Metaverse?

Brands are looking to embrace the metaverse, but are they truly ready? Web3 is here to stay. Mass adoption of crypto is beginning to take shape, and while not without hurdles, we are finally seeing adoption within increasing orders of magnitude. As it currently stands, a high level of technical aptitude is needed in order…
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Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW)

The verdicts are out on Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW). The MVFW event, hosted in Decentraland, garnered multitudes more attention and press than any digital fashion event previously. Auroboros, Etro, Dundas, Dolce & Gabbana and Estée Lauder were among the companies who participated. Decentraland recruited popular fashion brands and fans for the four-day event. It had…
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Luxury Fashion Designers Enter The Metaverse

A wide range of innovative luxury fashion designers are entering web3. Those include Nicholas Kirkwood, Franck Muller, Giuseppe Zanotti, Phillipp Plein, Republiqe, Tommy Hilfiger. Each has taken a unique approach to merging blockchain with luxury and global fashion markets. Let’s have a look at what these legendary designers have been up to in the Metaverse.…
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How Will LuxFi Seduce Millennials?

Millennials, those between the ages of 26 and 41, are history’s first truly digital-native, globalist generation. Learn how LuxFi meets their needs in web3.

The Gamification of Luxury Shopping

The idea of gamification is actually quite simple: You take a feature of a game — such as the mechanics, the rewards system or the user design — and then apply that feature to separate space or field. This is the method by which luxury shopping has now become gamified — that is, the complete…
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Understanding True Value of Blockchain NFT Technology Through Cultural & Technological Frameworks

Every society has its own particular tastes and interests which make it unique, and the goods and services a society or people are capable of producing is tied directly to its method of governance and to the way in which it manages its central bank or money system. Individual societies are more connected than ever…
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How Web3 is Producing Nextgen P2P Creative Economies & Cultural Marketplaces

The market is the dominant medium of culture, facilitating attention and capital allocation, influencing what we see, do, think and want. The creator economy is valued at $100 billion USD, and the burgeoning crypto art market is worth $2.3 billion USD. In a world of shifting power dynamics, new links are being developed inside of…
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Luxury Brands Surfing the Web3 Pipeline

Digital and Physical Realities Meet Luxury Value Creation & Blockchain-Based Experiences Luxury can be understood as the “creation of extreme value”, a realm available to everyone where we all are free to dream, desire and to fantasize about the luxury icons and imagery which we derive so much enjoyment from and which so powerfully shape…
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