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What Luxury Brands Need to Know About the NFT Market

The NFT market is a versatile and dynamic space in 2022. Having seen a plethora of various waves of trading in the last few years, we are now experiencing fresh new flows of NFT collections gaining traction, with a series of major brands taking part. As luxury brands continue to test the waters and invest…
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Are You Ready To Buy Wearable NFTs?

PFPs, profile pictures based on blockchain, are the hottest things out there in 2022. Now, it’s time to dress them up.  CryptoPunks started it all, but what is next for PFPs and how will luxury brands respond? With the momentum collectively swinging toward mass-adoption of blockchain assets globally, we must wonder: what place will PFPs…
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NFT Retail Spaces

Retail NFT spaces are becoming more popular. For example, you can now buy a ticket to Coachella and receive your entry pass as an NFT. Gary Vee (who is that?) just hosted VeeCon, bringing together many of the biggest names and projects in the global NFT space. The physical and digital are merging, via a massive…
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Investing in Bitcoin or a Hermès Bag?

It is finally time to make some decisions about where to invest your hard-earned money.  Which asset is a better investment? Which is the more optimal store of value? How likely is each to rise in value? Why is it important to compare a luxury bag with a blockchain asset? When you buy a luxury…
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Physical Asset NFT Marketplaces — At the intersection of global trade & commerce.

The immutable smart contracts of a non-fungible token (NFT) gives it the power to prove identity and ownership, doing so in a way which the world has never seen before. Physical, asset backed NFT are a crucial development within the crypto-sphere which is now spawning new marketplaces for every type of trade and investment opportunity…
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Crypto Roundup

This is the LuxFi Crypto Roundup, a quick collection of the top crypto stories and blockchain news worldwide, encompassing trends across industries.  It’s been a wild one so far.  Let’s have a look at what news made waves this week in crypto, defi, NFTs and blockchain.  Top News 1. Yuga Labs sale of virtual land…
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How Will LuxFi Seduce Millennials?

Millennials, those between the ages of 26 and 41, are history’s first truly digital-native, globalist generation. Learn how LuxFi meets their needs in web3.

The Future of NFTs – Predicting Likely Use Cases for Non-Fungible Tokens

As it stands, the impact of NFTs is more than noteworthy, having made waves in the areas of artistry, design, gaming and decentralized finance and completely shifted the idea and implementation of royalties and how we as a species reward others for their work. So what is next for NFTs and where will we take…
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The Newest Big Luxury Spenders are Young, Smart & Wealthy Gen Z Crypto Holders

The convergence of luxury products and the crypto community is stronger than it has ever been, and examples are everywhere of how the new generation of crypto millionaires are spending their money on luxury goods more and more. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana are releasing NFTs while LA-based brands such as Fear of God, Rhude and…
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Traditional E-Commerce Embracing the LXF Token as Payment Method

The time has come! LuxFi proudly offers access to exclusive inventory and an extensive network of brands & retailers. LuxFi NFT Marketplace will be host to a wide variety of retailer collections which can be purchased using $LXF token, initially offering both luxury watches and branded handbags. We are excited to see an increasing number…
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