Becoming a Member of the LuxFi Community

Becoming a Member of the LuxFi Community

How is it Like Being a Member of the LuxFi Community?

LuxFi is a real world asset-backed NFT marketplace for luxury goods. But that is only the start, LuxFi has built an entirely new credit economy based on unlocking the dormant liquidity of luxury goods. We use our data intelligence system to assess the accurate price of these items and further insights of the luxury market.

Our community is the most important component of this entire ecosystem. As such, LuxFi is committed to provide our community the utmost best. The backbone of our value proposition is our membership and all the amazing perks this delivers. Continue reading to learn more about what it is like to be a part of LuxFi’s community and what it can offer.

LuxFi Membership

LuxFi’s invite-only EIP (Extremely Important Person) Membership Program offers exclusive benefits and rewards to elevate users’ shopping experience on our NFT marketplace. There are four tiers of membership on the LuxFi platform with 4 exclusive membership cards:

  • Diamond Membership Card
  • Gold Membership Card
  • Silver Membership Card
  • Crystal Membership Card

For more information, click here.

Participate in Our Events

We also have other ways for our community to engage with us and earn with us! We already conducted a few airdrops, giveaways and other events. Most recently, we concluded an airdrop that included 1000 USDT and 3000 LXF tokens. The campaign was a great success, and we were overjoyed by the response.

We also organized an NFT Auction & Lucky Draw with exceptional prizes. The prizes included NFTs backed by luxury assets, LXF tokens, LuxFi Membership Cards to win and more. To learn more about the campaign or if you would like to know the results, you can visit here and here.

We always listen to our community and all campaigns give us a clear picture of what our community wants and how to engage with them.

Soon, we’ll unveil more exciting campaigns and promotions. We know many are eager to participate and we have everything planned for you!

Be Part of a “Luxury Loving” Community

LuxFi has a large social media presence. Our Twitter account passed the 20K mark and shows no signs of stopping. Both of our Telegram channels also have more than 20K participants each. You can constantly interact with our passionate community of luxuries lovers to answer questions and receive feedback.

More announcements are inbound soon. Join us on our social media channels to share your passion for Luxury and Fashion with others in LuxFi’s community!

Invest in the Luxury Market

Perhaps swag and clout are not what you’re chasing, you are looking to invest in an exciting crypto project. We got you covered as our tokenized NFT goods unlock the potential of idle luxury assets. With LuxFi, you can now use your cryptocurrencies to invest in luxury assets.

Investors can now maximize their gains and minimize risks by allocating their capital to several luxury items on our marketplace. We use big data to give an up-to-date valuation for the luxury market in general. We are on our way to becoming the best source for market data on the luxury industry.

Investors will have access to a flood of options to make their crypto work for them. We aim to revolutionize the luxury goods market, and you can have a front seat in the coming evolution!


LuxFi has always placed emphasis on our community as we know they are the backbone of our platform, we have only just started with our benefits and we ensure that there are more to come. Join us to be rewarded with benefits you’ve never experienced before! We look forward to seeing you in our community soon!

About LuxFi

LuxFi is the world’s first asset-backed NFT marketplace for luxury assets, where people can buy, sell and invest in luxury assets using cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods. Leveraging on our big data intelligence system and unique algorithm for automated data collecting and data processing, we eliminate counterfeiting while minting an NFT on our multi-chain blockchain network. As we focus on luxury assets that hold value well and have a high reselling value, we also provide an accurate NFT pricing that is backed by real-world data.

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